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"I love this book! The story is so cool but I would expect nothing less from Chris. He is an awesome storyteller and Shana's illustrations are wonderful! This book should be a big hit with kids...Sign me up for the first copy for my grandson" -Stella Parton (Entertainer/Songwriter)

"My name is Sheldon; I say it with pride. I was born to the great grasshopper tribe. We're just about everywhere, if you care to look.  In the fields, in the trees, by a pond, near a brook. We're peaceful and gentle, and laugh a lot too. We have mommies and daddies and friends just like you."

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-Excerpt from the new book  Sheldon and the Big Hurricane

"This book is imaginative in its story line and its illustrations. Kids will love the bugs. They are selfless examples of how we as humans should model. It will hold the interest of the adult who may be reading along or with the child. Chris and Shana have done an excellent presentation for their audience of readers..."  - Jim Parker ( Writer, Performer & Series Host)